Angel's Revenge

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Official Worldwide Release Date Established!!

Angel's Revenge is excited to announce "Blood, Sweat & Fears" will be officially available worldwide on:

February 6th, 2015

About Angel's Revenge

In mid-summer 2013, Angel’s Revenge began to transform from just an idea into a reality. Bassist Jacob Freed’s vast collection of songs came to life as vocalist Holly Hines began penning the lyrics for the first album, “Blood, Sweat and Fears”. Jacob and Holly worked together in a previous band, which wasn’t giving either of them the creative freedom to contribute their own works. Therefore, with the end of one project came the beginning of a new, very powerful creature known as Angel’s Revenge.

Holly had previously worked with producer, Jeff Westlake of Hydrogyn fame, in 2010-2011. He contacted her again in July 2013 and together they began sketching the blueprints for what was to become Angel’s Revenge. Jacob and Holly traveled to Ashland, KY to Jeff’s Ridgeline Studio to discuss the potential for a production agreement. They came back home with a well as a need to find some musicians!

Justen Flannagan instantly came to mind when they were discussing percussionists. His style was a perfect match for the songs presented to him. With the Irishman in place, drums were checked off the list.

Next was to nail down guitarists who were capable of doing justice to the already written material. Sam Demastus and John Holmes proved they were the men for the job, creating hard hitting rhythms, chilling harmonies and amazing leads. Their musical chemistry produces that signature Angel’s Revenge sound.

By November 2013, the band had decided upon the lineup for the first album, and full production was under way.

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