Angel's Revenge

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Holly Hines - Lead Vocals

“I was raised listening to my parents sing beautiful acapella gospel hymns in church every Sunday.  When I started taking piano lessons in the 2nd grade, my mom would sit with me and we would sing together while I learned how to play out of the church hymnal.   She was also a huge fan of the country duo, The Judds...she was Naomi and I was Wynonna!   It was then that I realized I was about to develop a lifelong love affair with music.”

Starting out in the country music genre, Holly walked away with 5 Grand Champion trophies from her high school talent shows.  In her early 20s, she leaned a little more towards rock music, being heavily influenced by Ann Wilson, Pat Benetar, Lita Ford and Joan Jett.   She soon began to realize that the heavier the music was, the more she felt it.

“I really formed a connection with the unmistakably powerful vocals of Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), and I’ll always claim him to be my biggest vocal influence. As time goes on ;)   I continue to broaden my musical taste.   I still love Heart and Iron Maiden, but I also have a need for the likes of Soilwork, Nightwish, The Agonist, and much more.   I live and breathe creativity. Everywhere I look, I see art...and the potential for more music!”

Holly is the primary lyricist and vocalist for Angel’s Revenge.   Her signature voice gives Angel’s Revenge its fire.   Her iconic stage performance, crowd-loving personality and diverse vocal range make her one of metal’s most entertaining front women.

Jacob Freed - Bass

Jacob was not born into a very musical household, and especially not born into a family of metal heads. Growing up, Jacob never thought about music until one day one of his best friends asked him to play bass guitar just for fun. After that, Jacob explored the musical realm, wanting more than just a taste of what he had already done.

He had spent 8 years playing percussion, 3 years on drum set, 2 years on piano, 4 years playing bass guitar, and 2 years playing electric guitar to prepare him for a serious band. Then one day, in 2013, he joined a band that had miss Holly Hines on vocals.

Shortly after Holly and I formed Angel’s Revenge, we recorded a song in Kentucky with Jeff Westlake. Realizing how much potential we had going with only two people, we sought after the last missing pieces of the band, which just so happened to be Justen Flannagan, Sam Demastus, and John Holmes.

John Holmes - Guitar


Originally from Utica, New York, John relocated to Huntsville, Alabama  in 2004.  After a very long hiatus from playing guitar, he auditioned for a local cover band, Pushin' Overload.  Through Pushin' Overload, he met Sam and shortly after was offered a chance to perform with one of the local metal favorites, Destined, where he met Holly  and Jacob.


Some of John's influences include John Petrucci, Nuno Bettencourt, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan, Greg Howe, Joe Satriani, and Django Reinhardt.

Sam Demastus - Guitar


“I started playing guitar and really listening to metal at the age of 13.  Since that time, guitar and music have grown to become an integral part of my life.  Jacob and I have been playing music together since I was 15 and together we have worked on many projects and played in several bands.  In 2013, we started working with Holly. Before Angel’s Revenge became a reality I left to take a break from music, start college and think about my life and the future. After about a year, I realized how much music meant to me and when I got a call from Jacob about coming back I instantly accepted.  Now, I plan on giving Angel’s Revenge everything I have as this is the band I’ve always wanted.”

Justen Flannagan - Drums

“Around the age of 10, I picked up the drumsticks.  I just had that feeling; the feeling that a drummer is what I am.  I didn't, and don't worry about other drummers being better or faster.  I am content with who I am as a musician, though I still strive for more constantly.  I feel the feels me.  We have a bond that’s personal.  I’ve played all genres of music, from jazz to country, blues and nu metal.  But my heart, my real love of making music, lies somewhere in the scope of heavy metal.  It’s the only type of music that can cause me to close my eyes and be completely consumed by it, or make me open them very widely and go slam off on it (for the lack of better terminology).  You can see this in my live stage performance.  I love the feeling that I get while playing live.  I love the way it feels to "connect" with like-minded people.  The way 5 different musicians can "lock in" to make 1 unique sound.  I've also ALWAYS had a fondness for female fronted hard rock and metal bands, so with that being said... LONG LIVE ANGEL'S REVENGE!”

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